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1. A fully comprehensive insurance policy for the terrestrial transportation by a basic total of Bs.100.000.000 and an excess of limits up to Bs.200.000.000 to protect your investment.

2. 5.249,34 feet of parking to protect your merchandise in front of the National Guard command located at La Guaira Port.

3. Operational efficiency guaranteed by the endorsement of an integrated and automated system of transportation, customs, accounting and bails, which permits us to minimize time and to be more exact with the customs declarations and its costs.

4. Competitive logistics for the operations and counting on the following vehicles and our own equipments, those are part of your logistic once you hire our services:

· 07 trucks MACK R600

· 07 trucks MACK CH400

· 02 trucks VISION

· 14 containers carrier of 20 feet

· 20 containers carrier of 40 feet

· 03 wagon with capacity between eight and thirty-five tons.

· 01 trailer of 45 / 110 feet for loose load.

· 02 trucks 350, digs with capacity until three and ½ tons .

·.02. small trucks pick-up utilized in operations .

· 03 motorcycles utilized in operations .




For Importations and Exportations, before the aerial customs of Maiquetía, Maritime of La Guaira and Puerto Cabello, acting in representation of the consigner and / or board before the government agencies, contracting shipping and airlines, packing, processing duty customs classifications, registrations of products imported to deal with the verification agents, consolidation, customs processing, logistic user and multimodal transportations.



With the purpose of breaking paradigms, innovate, improve, complete our services, apply ours logistic, and to be more competitive in the reception, packing, consolidation, shipment, transportation and customs processing for your importation and exportation load, we put at your disposal the multimodal international transportation services and a complete attention to your load, collecting them or delivering them, in any part of the world.



Compromised and motivated in lending you the best and the entire service, give you a great treatment, excellent advantages and conditions, in minimizing time and perfecting delivery or the merchandise retreat, we organize our terrestrial transportation service; we have our own fleets and a highly qualified personnel, who will deliver or will collect your load, according to yours requests.